things I wish I had on the walls of my bedroom - i'm very monochromatic at the moment and i don't quite know why that is.
Oh shit, I didn't shave my armpits.
I didn't shave my armpits.
My grandma makes the best fried chicken in the world, so I'd probably bring like a fried chicken bone.
I bet that bone would feel great.
SMELL! Smell great. I meant smell! In my head I was like "This joke's gonna be amazing" and I said it wrong...
Loosin' that weight.
Why can't I say anything normal!?
She kicked me in the head.
I kicked him in the head but he put a mutilated dummy in my toilet.
Jen keeps you on your toes at all times. You never really know if she's gonna kick you in the head or y'know.. Do something unexpected.
I had three hours of Bad Ass Training a day.
I would be Wes Bentley's beard...
I went to go grab it and it latched onto my hand and I was like flinging it around. It was uh... I thought I was gonna die.
Liam and I just took off and left him in the Creek. You were gonna die. EVERYBODY RUN FOR THEMSELVES,