things I wish I had on the walls of my bedroom - i'm very monochromatic at the moment and i don't quite know why that is.


it has been quiet today. too quiet.

the calm before the eurostorm

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The Mermaid by Michael Faudet
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I CAN’T WAIT FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN IDK WHAT BUT FUCKING SOPMETHING BC I CAN’T BE FUCKING BOTHERED ANY MORE fed up of being here fed up of being there fed up of my relationships fed up of my face fed up of my clothes fed up of my hair fed up of moving fr the 9th fucking time fed up of pretending that that fucking house will be a fucking home fed up of swearing fed up of fucking grapefruit fucking juice 


The heart aches and numbs, and the mind fogs and runs.


more Unreal Beauty by Model and Artist @jeremyoung for #oddamagazine issue 5 #illustration #art #jeremyoung #odda

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